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Taking Care of Business
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Business Bods Limited              Taking care of business

Our range of services

Our clients include private individuals, individual companies, business partnerships and limited companies in various sectors. To find out more about the services we provide, please click on the sections below.


Tax consultancy

We offer a comprehensive range of tax consultancy services which take account of current developments.


More than mere payroll and financial accounting: we go behind the figures to provide analyses that you can use as a performance management tool. We highlight trends, opportunities to enhance profit and also any potential threats.


Advantages of using us:


Less time spent over paperwork and more
time on your business

Better information that leads to better
decision making

Better customer, supplier and bank

Additional services




Are you drowning in paper work – don’t worry what state you’re in now – we can sort  it out for you and keep everything in order

We know that Bookkeeping is  about more than just accounts. 
Organisation is key to ensuring the correct information is processed at
the right time. We can organise all of  your paperwork for you no matter what state you are in now.

 Are you too busy running your business to catch up on your bookkeeping

Do you find your accountant knocking at your door for your books so that they can prepare your tax return and/or financial statements but you haven’t kept them up to date. Do you find yourself working through the night to get them ready. Do you worry
that you have missed something because you haven’t the time to prepare your
books properly. Or worse, do you have to present your accountant with a carrier bag of receipts for him to do the books and in return he presents you with a hefty bill. We will prepare your accounts for you at very competitive rates and present your accountant with the information he needs to prepare your tax computation in good time should you prefer not to change accountants.  Alternatively, we can of course compile your paperwork and produce your accounts at very competitive rates.


Bank reconciliation’s 

As part of our bookkeeping service we reconcile your bank
account(s) every month and will advise you of any discrepancies.


  Vat returns


Do you panic every quarter. Are you unsure of the VAT rules – we will take care of this for you.




What type of software do you use?


We use any package you prefer. We are Xero accredited.

Where is the work carried out?


The choice is yours we can either come to you or do it in our own office. We are using cloud based software. If you already have preferred software we can be invited as your Accountant.


I would rather you did it at your premises but I would like to be able to access my information.


Using cloud based software you can access the information any time you want.


I don’t want a full bookkeeping service but would like some reassurance that I am entering things correctly.

We are happy to access your software as your Accountant and advise on any changes that you should make to use the software in the best way possible for your business needs.



 Do you need help with payroll


Do you have employees or are you considering employing people but don’t want the hassle of running a payroll yourself. We can take care of that for you including your year end returns. We can also take care of your P11ds if required.


 Are you in the Building Trade? - we will arrange with you to ensure that CIS returns are completed for you online





I want to employ staff but don’t know how set up a payroll 

We can take care of all that for you. All we need from you are staff details and rates of pay.







  Do you want to see how you are doing throughout the year instead of just once a year when your accountant completes your accounts


Do you wonder exactly what profit you are actually making. Are you
uncertain whether the figures you have are accurate. Would you like regular accounts showing you exactly how your business is doing throughout the year. As well as printing accounts each month we can prepare an analysis showing gross and net profit margins and other ratios that will help you assess exactly how your
business is doing.








“Our paperwork was in such a mess we didn’t think we would
find anyone to sort it out for us. We are now saving so much time and money.”


“The systems that had been set up over the years had become
very complicated. Mistakes were being made so we decided to turn to a
professional to streamline the processes. 
Now everything is running smoothly. Our Auditors have described our
Annual Accounts as “an Auditor’s dream”


“We needed simple instructions to help us to ensure all the
information required was available. It
was all explained to us, simply with no jargon, what we had to do. Our accounts
are now always up to date and accurate”








Office hours

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm



Business Bods Limited
110 Croydon Rd

Croydon CR0 4PF


Email: businessbodsltd@gmail.com


Business Bods Ltd is registered in England and Wales Company No. 05279415

Registered Office: 2nd Floor 272 London Road, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7DJ 




National Minimum Wage increases came into effect on 1st April 2021

23+ £8.91 per hour

21-22 £8.36 per hour

18-20 £6.56 per hour

16-17 £4.62 per hour


Auto Enrolment percentages:


ER minimum 3%

EE minimum 5%

Total 8%


The furlough scheme has been extended to 30th September 2021

From July Employers can only claim 70%, August and September will be reduced to 60%. Wages must continue to be paid at 80%


Making an appointment


You can contact us via email at businessbodsltd@gmail.com if you have any queries or wish to make an appointment




Alternatively, please use our contact form.

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